Remember that one time I made a bunch of Homestuck shirts? Sad that you missed out on nabbing one?? Through the combined powers of What Pumpkin and TopatoCo, NOW YOU CAN!

My classic DANCE design is now available on both black and white shirts. Some sizes are already starting to run low, so get em while they’re hot!

Thank you for this lovely shirt design, Lexxy.


Go to the Bandcamp page to check it out!


It’s finally here! Join the consorts on an amphibious adventure through the world of the Genesis Frog.

NOTE: Here the noun “amphibious adventure” means “goofy orchestral music by Alexander Rosetti” and “join the consorts on” means “listen to.” Also “through the world of the Genesis frog” means “at your computer.” Throw money at your screen now.

Two quick hyperlinks:
Homestuck Kickstarter

Hey, let’s spread this around!!! I am very pleased and proud to annou…



what is this


Train of thought destroyed.


Homestuck Solo Album Month continues with Erik “Jit” Scheele’s One Year Older, a full-length record using piano to convey John’s journey through SBURB.

Head on over to the Bandcamp page to check it out. Consider it an early birthday present. (Or, if it is your birthday today… Congratulations! I am so proud of you.)


Homestuck Solo Album Month starts with Clark “Plazmataz” Powell’s Symphony Impossible to Play - a four-movement digital symphony created from arrangements of existing Homestuck tracks.

Swing on over to Bandcamp and give it a good old-fashioned ear-gander.

What the hell just happened?!?!?! Hussie… are you reviving me or kissing me? And where did this all come from in the middle of all this killing?!?!?!


50 new tracks by your favorite Homestuck musicians!!!

Featuring FULL versions of the following tracks from the comic:

- Anbroids by Malcolm Brown
- Another Jungle by Michael Guy Bowman
- A Taste for Adventure by Seth “Beatfox” Peelle

And even more tracks about the new session and the wacky adventures the four new kids have gotten into since the end of Act 5!


Hey we’re on tumblr now! This is the official What Pumpkin tumblr account, where we’ll be posting about site updates and sharing news. Maybe even doing a little reblogging, since it seems that’s basically what tumblr is for. We’ll see!

So let’s dive right in and announce that we just restocked…